When the leaves change color, it’s a good idea to start thinking about Jeep® maintenance. As the weather dips down in temperature, it’s important to make sure you are prepared well before the first frost of the year. Here, we list a few of the key points to check to make sure you’re ready to enter fall. 

Check Your Levels

This is important year-round. But it can be even more important in the fall and winter with slicker roads and colder temperatures. Besides making sure your oil is topped up and changed frequently, this is a good time to make sure your windshield washer fluid, coolant/antifreeze, and brake fluid is topped off.

Tires Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons why people love Jeep vehicles so much is their superior performance in bad weather and slippery roads. But even if you have a 4×4, balding tires won’t get you very far. The time to make sure your tires are in good shape is before the roads start freezing.

Along with the tires on your car, this is also a chance to make sure your spare tire is in good shape in case anything happens on your travels.

Battery Performance

Before we start seeing freezing temperatures, you’ll also want to make sure your battery is in good shape. The last thing you want is to find yourself unable to start your Jeep in winter weather. Fall is a good time to check it.

Get a Fall Check-up at Our Service Center

Here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Smyrna, we can help make sure your SUV is prepped for chilly weather. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in your Jeep and let our professionals give it a thorough once-over. And don’t forget to check out our coupon page to save on your Jeep service appointment.