Getting your car’s oil changed regularly is an essential aspect of responsible Jeep® ownership. Fresh oil keeps your Jeep SUV running smoothly, efficiently, and cleanly. Here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Smyrna, our expert Jeep mechanics can tell you when it’s time for a Jeep oil change — here are some things to look out for.  

Knocking Sound from Engine 

Oil keeps your engine running smoothly. When the oil becomes old or thin, the engine may start to make knocking sounds as the vehicle moves. If you hear something like this, visit our service center right away.  

Low Oil Level 

If you’re wondering if your oil level if low, you can check it yourself by pulling out the dipstick and observing the level. Our mechanics are also happy to check for you.  

Warning Lights Illuminated 

If you see your Jeep SUV’s Check Engine light illuminated on your dashboard, it could mean a number of different things, one of which is low or dirty engine oil. Our mechanics can easily identify and address the cause of the warning light.  

Exhaust Smoke 

If you notice smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe, it means that the oil has become dirty or old. A regular oil change typically solves this issue.  

Vibrations When Idling 

If you’re noticing abnormal vibrations when you’re behind the wheel, especially when idling, it could be time for an oil change.  

Burning Smell 

Motor oil has two jobs: to lubricate engine parts and to regulate the engine’s temperature. When oil gets old and dirty, it can’t keep your engine cool, which can result in a sharp burning smell in the cabin. In some cases, the smell could also indicate an oil leak.  

If you’re noticing any of the above six signs, be sure to schedule a Jeep oil change at our service center in Smyrna, DE today.