Routine maintenance is always important, but sometimes our Jeep® SUVs and RAM trucks that spend a lot of time driving off-road need some extra love. The mechanics here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Smyrna are ready to handle all of your Jeep service needs. Don’t skip the following important maintenance tasks.  

Tire Service 

If you’re dealing with mud, sand, and other types of tricky terrain, you want to be sure that your tires are ready for anything. Tire rotations and balancing can keep all four tires in top shape for longer, and we can fix any other tire problems you encounter before you’re ready to hit the next trail.  

Wheel Alignment 

Big bumps and uneven terrain can throw off your wheel alignment. This can result in a less comfortable ride and put stress on your tires. If you’ve noticed that your SUV or truck isn’t riding like it should, ask our mechanics if it needs an alignment.  

Fluid Checks 

Every vehicle needs a variety of fluids to run smoothly. Keeping the right level of each fluid is always important, but it’s especially critical for off-road models that are doing a lot of tough work. We’ll check your oil and change it as needed, and we’ll make sure that you have the coolant you need to keep your engine running smoothly.  

You also need to worry about the transfer case fluid. The transfer case helps shifts power to where it’s needed in an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive model, so this is a crucial service for off-road vehicles. 

Shock, Strut, and Differential Inspection 

Shocks and struts help your vehicle react to bumps and changes in terrain safely. The differentials help send torque to the tires, improving traction. All of these need to be inspected often in an off-road vehicle.  

Whether you’re in need of new Jeep parts or a proper alignment, don’t delay your trip to our service center in Smyrna, DE. Our mechanics are ready to assist you!