There are plenty of used cars available here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Smyrna, but some drivers wonder whether it’s smart to spend money on one of them. Would they be better off simply buying a new vehicle?

We think that used cars actually are a good investment. Let’s look at some of our reasons why.

You Avoid Depreciation

Once a new car leaves the dealership lot, it starts to decline in value. We call this depreciation. A vehicle depreciates particularly quickly during the first few years on the road. This means that, if you purchase a used car that’s a few years old, you’re missing out on a lot of that depreciation.

You’re getting a great car at a lower price and you don’t have to be as worried about your car declining in value quickly. If you decide to keep it for a long time, great. If you have to sell your used car a few years later, you won’t have to take nearly as much of a financial hit as a new car buyer would.

Used Cars Have Many Miles Left to Drive

You should also know that modern cars are built to last, and that a used car that’s in good condition has much more driving left to do. Don’t assume that the used vehicle you buy only has a few years left in it. With proper care, your used car will serve you well for years to come.

You Can Get More Car For Your Money

A used car can also be a great investment because buying a used car often allows you to get more car for your money. As we mentioned, new cars depreciate and decline in value. So a used car can cost less than you would expect and your car buying budget may be able to stretch a bit. Drivers often find that they are able to afford a car that offers more features, a more potent engine, or luxury upgrades when you buy used.

If you want to learn more about our pre-owned vehicle selection, talk to our Dodge dealers. We will make it easy to find a used car that you can rely on!