If you’re shopping for a fuel-efficient vehicle, should you choose a new car or one of our used cars? Often, the answer is not so simple, but the experts here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Smyrna can give you some tips for sorting through our selection of new and used vehicles to find one that offers good gas mileage.

Options Matter More Than Age

The equipment found on a given model is going to matter more than its age. Here’s an example of what we mean. Take a new vehicle and then take its used counterpart. They offer two different drivetrains. The new car has all-wheel drive, while the used car has front-wheel drive. The used car is likely more fuel-efficient because the front-wheel drive system is lighter than an all-wheel drive system.

The availability of different engines can also make a difference. Many Jeep and RAM vehicles are available with diesel engines. These are generally more efficient.

Generally, if the new model is available with a diesel engine, but the used ones all offer less efficient gas engines, then the new car is the best option for the driver who is obsessed with gas mileage. See what we mean about it not being so cut and dried?

Some Used Cars Are No Longer Made

When gas prices were low and the car market rebounded about a decade ago, SUVs and other big vehicles took off in popularity. That means that many smaller vehicles, like sedans, faded in popularity. Some automakers dropped some of these cars from their lineup, which means that you might find a fuel-efficient, out of production car when you browse through our selection of used vehicles.

If you have any more questions about finding a fuel-efficient new or used car, visit our RAM dealership in Smyrna, DE. We’ll make it easy to find a vehicle that suits your budget and driving needs!